Beautiful, all in one, kindy bedding - perfect for your little one

Here at Kindy Kamper we know how important it is for little ones to sleep, so we have developed a range of bedding solutions to make sure they can do just that. We have a range of kindy bedding, travel bedding and bedding for home.


Kindy Kampers feature:

A comfy, padded base - no more cold and      
   uncomfortable kindy mats and beds
A removable blanket or quilt
A pillow (removable for washing)
A attached sheet with elasticated corners for a snug
   fit on most kindy mats and stretcher beds



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NB:  Please note our Kindy Kampers are now 130cm and the top sheet and blanket are 100cm wide.

Close up small


Big Kamper Blue only-
Big Kamper Blue only
$44.99 $29.99